Anna L. Avatar
Anna L.
Non è andata come volevamo, ma abbiamo fatto del nostro e soprattutto del vostro meglio.
Grazie �
arianna casarini Avatar
arianna casarini
Durante una vacanza ci siamo trovati a dover cercare d'urgenza un veterinario per il nostro cagnolino e ci siamo rivolti a questa clinica. Personale amorevole con gli animali, professionale, gentile e molto disponibile. Sicuramente da consigliare a chi ama i propri animali. -
adalgisa ciavaglia Avatar
adalgisa ciavaglia
Ottima accoglienza e professionalità, ho scelto questo team da diversi anni e continuo a servirmi da loro in quanto hanno sempre soddisfatto le necessità dei miei compagni e di quelli della mia famiglia -
francesca r. Avatar
francesca r.
Competence, professionalism and tenderness with our four-legged friends are the main requirements of the clinic staff. Finally, the possibility of a 24-hour service and the availability for any home visits makes this clinic unique.
Three years after my review I want to add, in my experience, that the available stars are not enough to thank the miracle done by the doctors of the clinic, in particular dr. Mario, dr. Nicola and Dssa Francesca on my elderly dog ​​Chicca. Arrived in poor condition due to a huge ulcerated and bleeding tumor mass in the breast, she was successfully subjected, on May 19, to a very delicate surgery that restored her life full of walks and affectionate demonstrations of love to her owners. And what about us masters have returned the happiness of having her next to us and being able to continue to love and pamper her. Thanks guys a thousand times thanks you are unique and beautiful ❤️
L. Dana Avatar
L. Dana
Clinica davvero curata nel dettaglio. Cosa ancora più importante staff di medici veterinari preparati e davvero bravi, si vede che lo fanno prima di tutto con passione! Ringrazio il dott. Bartoloni che segue la mia Dana. -
Arianna M. Avatar
Arianna M.
professionalità e competenza...
fanno il loro lavoro con amore ed un grande impegno...
i miei cuccioli non potevano trovare una seconda famiglia migliore....
Tamara Monachesi Avatar
Tamara Monachesi
Personale scrupoloso, cordiale e clinica attrezzata. -
Francesco R. Avatar
Francesco R.
Serietà, professionalità e cortesia. Sempre disponibili, consigliatissimo. -
Ermir V. Avatar
Ermir V.
Well done, we had a difficult operation on our cat Campione, and everything went perfect, thanks to all the staff -
arianna c. Avatar
arianna c.
Durante una vacanza ci siamo trovati a dover cercare d'urgenza un veterinario per il nostro cagnolino e ci siamo rivolti a questa clinica. Personale amorevole con gli animali, professionale, gentile e molto disponibile. Sicuramente da consigliare a chi ama i propri animali. -
ICOM G. Avatar
Struttura veterinaria d’eccellenza -
Luigi R. Avatar
Luigi R.
positive review  Preparati ed efficienti ,consiglio. -
Aida M. Avatar
Aida M.
Clinica con personale preparato e molto gentile. Si vede che lo fanno per passione e i pazienti pelosi lo capiscono! Trilly ringrazia!
Massimo C. Avatar
Massimo C.
Bravi competenti ambiente pulito degno dei nostri amici a quattro zampe -
Luana C. Avatar
Luana C.
A big thank you to all the staff of the clinic, especially to Doctors Bartoloni and Simone for the professionalism and competence shown during the surgery performed on my dog ​​Tara. They extirpated her tumor, even managing to save her paw. Thank you all for the availability and kindness with which they welcomed and followed us. -
Ania Fonseca Avatar
Ania Fonseca
Personle gentile qualificato bravi -
Ania Fonseca Avatar
Ania Fonseca
Personale gentile qualificato bravi -
Giuseppe Broglioni Avatar
Giuseppe Broglioni
Professionali -
Struttura veterinaria d’eccellenza -
Ale C. Avatar
Ale C.
beautifully organized cutting-edge clinic, qualified and professional staff who can remain sensitive and attentive to the emotional needs that inevitably arise when a four-legged friend needs help.
satisfied both from the point of view of
results that from a human point of view.
I absolutely recommend these professionals who put the well-being of the small patients entrusted to them first.
thanks again ❤️
Cinzia G. Avatar
Cinzia G.
Ciack an 11-year-old mixed-breed after a very bad accident that caused him a very bad fracture in his left front leg, operated twice urgently by Dr. Bartoloni and returned to running and jumping in a very short time. Thanks to all the collaborators of the veterinary clinic who are always kind and attentive to the needs of our four-legged friends. -
Ale C Avatar
Ale C
clinica all'avanguardia organizzata splendidamente, personale qualificato e professionale che riesce a rimanere sensibile e attento alle esigenze emotive che inevitabilmente si presentano quando un amico a quattro zampe ha bisogno di aiuto.soddisfatta sia dal punto di vista deirisultati che dal punto di vista umano.raccomando assolutamente questi professionisti che mettono al primo posto il benessere dei piccoli pazienti a loro affidati.grazie ancora ❤️ -
francesca romana rossi Avatar
francesca romana rossi
Competenza, professionalità e tenerezza con i nostri amici quattro zampe sono i principali requisiti dello staff della clinica. Infine la possibilità di un servizio 24 h su 24 e la disponibilità ad eventuali visite domiciliari rende unica questa clinica -
Giuseppina C. Avatar
Giuseppina C.
More than positive experience... competent and kind staff... nothing to add... you already find everything you are looking for... -
Deborah S. Avatar
Deborah S.
On Monday my kitten Musetto returned from the garden breathing very badly I immediately took him to the clinic there I found Dr. Di Marcantonio who rescued him and immediately understood the seriousness of the situation ....
my baby was in danger of life he had an accident he had a diaphragmatic hernia and had to be operated on urgently!
They promptly took action and in the evening they carried out the delicate operation and today my love returned home safe and sound!
What to say?
Superlative and fantastic, they have great care and love for their work and for our furbabies!
A special thanks goes to Doctor Di Marcantonio and her staff thank you!!!!
Highly recommended ❤️
Rita Buccioli Avatar
Rita Buccioli
Sono bravissimi gentilissimi carinissimi e soprattutto iperprofessionali -
Francesca R. Avatar
Francesca R.
Competenza, professionalità e amore distinguono questo staff da molti altri -
Tiziana P. Avatar
Tiziana P.
I have had the joy of having pets for many years and, in my incessant search for the best for their care and well-being, I have found in the City of Spoleto Veterinary Clinic the happy combination of fundamental qualities in this area: professionalism, responsibility, availability and sensitivity. Just one year ago the Doctors of the Clinic, thanks to an emergency surgery, saved my Labrador; other times they supported me in the management of very sick or very old dogs and I felt they were all in profound harmony with my desire to fight to keep them clinging to life as long as it was a dignified life; because life is still sacred and its protection deserves struggle, dedication and sacrifice. Faced with issues that required the support of specialists (in my case, among other things, the execution of echocardiography for a dog that actually did not have heart disease but that previous veterinarians treated and cared for as such by virtue of inadequately performed tests/diagnoses ) or which in any case were not of their exclusive pertinence (I am thinking, for example, of the delicate issue of nutrition) I also found in them that professional "suspension of judgement" and that intellectual humility essential for growth and for establishing a relationship of trust. -
Stefania F. Avatar
Stefania F.
Ho trovato una grande gentilezza e professionalità. Ma quanto hanno voluto bene al mio cane?grazie -
Grazia Occasi Avatar
Grazia Occasi
Persone molto qualificate, gentili e sembre disbonibili. -
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